‘Randy Scott’ and ‘Snuffy’ Make Horizon Roses Honor Roll

Our good friend, rose exhibitor, and hybridizer, John Smith of Westminster, MD had two of his creations, ‘Randy Scott’ and ‘Snuffy’ make the 2013 Horizon Roses Hybrid Tea Honor Roll.  Horizon Roses is an annual publication of comments from the country’s top exhibitors on recent rose introductions and their exhibition potential.  The Honor Roll consists of roses that have received consistently high praise in previous issues of Horizon Roses from exhibitors across the country.  ‘Randy Scott’ and ‘Snuffy’ join the seventeen previous honor roll hybrid tea roses, four of which are parents to these two magnificent roses.

‘Randy Scott’ is the white hybrid tea cross of ‘Crystalline’ and ‘Moonstone’ and is named in honor of the late great rosarian and exhibitor of Woodbridge, VA.  The consistently well-formed large exhibition bloom is the reason for the steady climb up the hybrid tea royalty charts. ‘Randy Scott’ finished as the 9th ranked exhibition hybrid tea rose in 2011 and 6th best in 2012.

A strong start thus far this spring could push this rose even higher up the charts and into the company of the most elite hybrid tea exhibition roses.  As of June 15, results from the Columbus Rose Show reported to roseshow.com demonstrate the success of ‘Randy Scott’ as it has collected 7 Queens, 2 Kings, 3 Princesses and 4 Court awards.  Over the past two weekends in the five Penn-Jersey District shows alone, ‘Randy Scott’ won 3 Queens (Borrmann – Philadelphia RS, Yelinek – York RS and Geltz – Reading-Berks RS) 1 King (Borrmann – Del-Chester RS) and 1 Princess (Borrmann- Greater Harrisburg RS).

‘Snuffy’ is a very tall and very vigorous growing bush that produces very large, high centered, brilliant orange-pink blooms. ‘Gemini’ and ‘Veteran’s Honor’ were used to create ‘Snuffy’ and finished as the 21st ranked hybrid tea in 2012.

The “coming out party” for John Smith’s roses came in 2011.  ‘Randy Scott’ was Queen of the Show at the 2011 Winston-Salem Spring National show.  Both ‘Randy Scott’ and ‘Snuffy’ were featured in the prestigious winning Nicholson Perpetual Challenge Bowl and Herb Swim Memorial Trophy.  Additionally, ‘Snuffy’ won the matched pair of HT blooms and ‘Randy Scott’ won best rose in a picture frame.  The 2011 fall National Rose Show in Los Angeles saw Linda Clark win the Queen of Show with ‘Snuffy’. ‘Randy Scott’ was used in the prestigious J. Horace McFarland Memorial National Trophy and the Pacific Southwest District International Challenge Hybrid Tea Bowl winning entries.

Unfortunately, I must bring up the fact that the success of ‘Randy Scott’ and ‘Snuffy’ has led to the unethical distribution, reproduction and sales of John Smith’s roses.  The only two authorized sellers of John Smith’s roses are directly from John Smith on multiflora rootstock through Silver Run Roses and on Fortuniana rootstock from K and M Roses.  Let us please support these two business so we can enjoy future John Smith rose creations (there are some really good ones coming out and showing good promise).


‘Randy Scott’ Queen of the Show shown by Ken Borrmann at the 2012 Penn-Jersey District Convention. Photo by Andrew Hearne.

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