‘Joy’ Makes Horizon Roses Honor Roll


‘Joy’ the 2008 AOE winner and 2013 Members Choice Award winner. Photo by Andrew Hearne.

David Clemons (Grant, AL), the hybridizer of several wonderful roses, just had his outstanding rose ‘Joy’ become the 15th miniature rose to make the Horizon Roses Honor Roll.  ‘Joy’ joins the mini-floras ‘Whirlaway’ and ‘Foolish Pleasure’ as roses that were hybridized by David to make the Honor Roll.  All of his roses are named for thoroughbred horses except for ‘Joy’ which was named in honor of his mother.  In 2008, ‘Joy’ won the 2008 American Rose Society Award of Excellence and was featured on the cover of the bi-monthly magazine, American Rose, in 2013 as the Members’ Choice Award winner.  David used Pete and Kay Taylor’s ‘Silverhill’ and Frank Benardella’s ‘Kristin’ to create ‘Joy’.

In 2012, ‘Joy’ took over the #1 spot as the top exhibition miniature rose.  Rose show results submitted to and compiled by roseshow.com has 63 recorded miniature Queens– 57 of those in the past three years (20 in 2012, 19 in 2011, and 18 in 2010).  Additionally, ‘Joy’ has been the top rated miniature rose spray winner the past two years.  This is extraordinary considering most roses don’t excel as both an exhibition single and spray entry.

From a personal experience ‘Joy’ is an exceptional garden rose and well deserving of its superior garden rating in Roses in Review.  ‘Joy’ requires more space than usual for a miniature rose as it is very vigorous and tends to sprawl and grow upright.  Another great benefit is the winter hardiness.  I have had no winter damage to any of my bushes including the two I have on Fortuniana root stock, which is rarely grown here this far north in Pennsylvania.

As a show rose, ‘Joy’ has been my most successful rose of any class.  I have won 9 Queens including two at back-to-back nationals (Atlanta in fall  2010 and Winston Salem in spring of 2011).  I usually don’t show sprays, but I have won the best spray with ‘Joy’ 5 times along with many other court awards and class winners.  This is a credit to how extraordinary a show rose ‘Joy’ is.

The good news is ‘Joy’ can be easily acquired because it is commercially available from a number of sources on various rootstocks and own root.

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