‘Marlon’s Day’ Makes Horizon Roses Honor Roll

Inside the Rosarians Garden welcomes our first guest blogger, Cindy Dale. Cindy Dale is one of the top exhibitors in the country and a Master Rosarian. She resides in Peachtree City, GA. 


‘Marlon’s Day’ Queen of Show at the South Metro Rose Show.  Shown by Satish and Vijaya Prabhu. Photo by Cindy Dale.

The wonderful Hybrid Tea, ‘Marlon’s Day’, has just been named to Horizon Roses honor roll for top performing show roses. According to RoseShow.com it was the 10th ranked hybrid tea in 2012 and has won 14 Queens by the end of 2012. ‘Marlon’s Day’ is ranked as the 15th best exhibition hybrid tea in the nation over the last 5 years.  So far in 2013 ‘Marlon’s Day’ has collected 3 Queens, 3 Kings and 3 Court awards (as on the June 15 Indianapolis rose show reported to RoseShow.com).

‘Marlon’s Day’ is a sport of ‘Moonstone’  that was discovered by hybridizer and national award winning exhibitor Fred Wright. Introduced in 2005 ‘Marlon’s Day’ has ‘Moonstone’s’ consistently high-centered exhibition form and exhibitors seem to be divided as to which they like better. It also has ‘Moonstone’s’ creamy color but has more pink (sometimes described as a “grainy” pink) on the petal edges. It is a full bloom with 26-40 petals. Repeat bloom is excellent and the current ARS Roses in Review garden rating is 7.6 but the exhibition rating is probably higher. Here in Georgia, my Fortuniana-grafted bushes are vigorous without being overly tall. The size is about 6ft x 4ft. Disease tolerance is good when sprayed regularly.

I have two bushes of this variety. Both are from K&M Nursery in Mississippi. I bought my first one in the spring of 2009 and only 7 months later a ‘Marlon’s Day’ bloom was part of my Deep South District’s J. Horace McFarland winning entry. Needless to say, I added another bush the following year. I highly recommend this rose. It is a “must have” for exhibitors.


2 thoughts on “‘Marlon’s Day’ Makes Horizon Roses Honor Roll

  1. While I have had many great specimens of Marlon’s Day in my garden, I must say that I would not have voted for this specimen for the queen of the show. It had great color at the time of judging but simply did not have very good form and was not open enough. There were better roses in that show! But Marlon’s Day happens to be a Judges’ favorite at the present time and deservedly so!
    Satish Prabhu

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