‘Shameless’ Makes Horizon Roses Honor Roll


A beautiful intensely colored ‘Shameless’. Photo by Baldo Villegas.

The excellent white and red mini-flora ‘Shameless’ graduates to the Horizon Roses Honor Roll joining fourteen other mini-floras to make the Honor Roll.   ‘Shameless’ was the #6 ranked mini-flora rose in 2012 and has 26 recorded Queens through 2012 according to RoseShow.com and was hybridized by Verlie “Whit” Wells.  Whit Wells has hybridized 8 of the top 25 mini-flora exhibition roses in 2012 and ‘Shameless’ joins ‘Abby’s Angel’, ‘Dr. Troy Garret’, and ‘Louisville Lady’ as roses Whit has created to make the mini-flora Honor Roll.

‘Shameless’ tends to have a sprawling growing habit but is vigorous with many basal and low breaks with nice dark green glossy foliage.   The only real weakness I can find with ‘Shameless’ in the garden is being prone to mildew at times.  The blooms are gorgeous white with a red edge that varies in intensity depending on climate conditions and are consistently well-formed.  ‘Shameless’ has a medium-sized rounded bloom profile that is slightly flat when compared to its larger counterparts such as ‘Whirlaway’, ‘Foolish Pleasure’ and ‘Shawn Sease’.

‘Shameless’ and ‘Baldo Villegas’ are two roses that are often confused with each other due to the similarities in bloom profile, color and foliage.  I do grow two of each variety; there seems to be very little difference between the two varieties.  They share the same garden growth habit in the fact they sprawl and easily throw basal and low breaks.  I would say to an untrained eye one would confuse the two roses based on all the similarities.  The one thing I can attest to is ‘Shameless’ is more vigorous than ‘Baldo Villegas’ which seems to be the feedback I am getting from other rosarians who grow both roses.  It also appears that ‘Shameless’ tends to have a more consistently darker red edge though the color in ‘Baldo Villegas’ can be every bit as intense.  ‘Shameless’ I highly recommend for those looking for a top-notch exhibition mini-flora or love roses with mouth-watering white and red blooms for cut and garden display.


‘Shameless’. Photo by Baldo Villegas.


‘Baldo Villegas’ bloom which is almost a dead ringer to ‘Shameless’. Photo by Andrew Hearne.

Note:  ‘Shameless’ can be found at For Love of Roses, LLC as the largest selection of Whit Wells miniature and mini-floras.

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