New Rose Announcement: ‘Tammy Clemons’


22-07-01 aka ‘Tammy Clemons’ best seedling 2012 Huntsville-Twickenham Rose Show. Photo courtesy of David Clemons.

Sometimes a rose is so good you honor it for someone you love.  That was the case with the incredible pink miniature rose ‘Joy’ named for David Clemons’ mother.  David’s latest creation the red mini-flora ‘Tammy Clemons’ is named for his wonderful loving supporting wife for their 20th anniversary.  ‘Tammy Clemons’ is a cross between Frank Benardella’s red miniature ‘Merlot’ and the red mini-flora ‘Robin Alonso’ (sport of Frank Benardella’s red miniature rose ‘Caliente’ discovered by Peter Alonso).  I have been fortunate enough to grow ‘Tammy Clemons’ since the fall of 2010 when David gave me a plant to test.  The blooms have spectacular form high centered and are medium in size.  Like David’s other mini-flora ‘Ghostzapper’ the blooms reach there best potential on larger stems.  I feel this is the best red mini-flora along with ‘Robin Alonso’ for show.  David Clemons is an outstanding hybridizer of exhibition quality miniatures and mini-floras, many which are named after thoroughbred horses such as ‘Whirlaway’, ‘Foolish Pleasure’ and ‘Unbridled’.  To top it all off this wonderful red miniflora won the AOE (Award of Excellence).  This is a must have addition for the garden and show rose collection.


‘Tammy Clemons’ best seedling at 2010 Atlanta Fall National Rose Show. Photo by Andrew Hearne.


‘Tammy Clemons’ winner of the Rose Hybridizers Association Award Photo by Andrew Hearne.

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