New Rose Announcement: ‘Sunny Sundays’


‘Sunny Sundays’ the hot new hybrid tea hybridized by John Smith here in my garden. Photo by Andrew Hearne.

‘Sunny Sundays’ is the hot new exhibition hybrid tea from amateur hybridizer and national award-winning exhibitor John Smith of Westminster, MD.  John Smith has hybridized award-winning hybrid teas such as ‘Randy Scott’, ‘Snuffy’ and ‘Dina Gee’. The blooms are a glowing golden-yellow with an orange edge. Intensity of the color of course varies depending on climate conditions such as temperature, sun, and UV. The form of ‘Sunny Sundays’ is nothing short of outstanding. The blooms are high centered with a tight spiral and the cores of the blooms have a solid bud when squeezed. I have been growing four bushes since the spring and EVERY bloom has had a very good to great center (no exaggeration). Blooms have “Queen” size though not as large as ‘Snuffy’ due to the smaller outer petals.

The bush establishes a bit quicker than ‘Randy Scott’ and I have not noticed any advantage of starting it in a pot versus planting directly into the ground. The bush throws up many new stems and always seems in bloom. The rose thus far is full and bushy as opposed to more upright and vertical such as ‘Snuffy’. Another positive is I have had almost no disease issue with my four bushes despite not spraying at all until last week, a rarity for a hybrid tea.


‘Sunny Sundays’ in my garden. Photo by Andrew Hearne.

‘Sunny Sundays’ should be a welcome addition to any rose garden due to the growth habit, many flowers and disease resistance. As a show rose I predict ‘Sunny Sundays’ will be seen regularly on the head table, mostly due to the consistently well-formed blooms with outstanding vibrant color. I have been really impressed with ‘Sunny Sundays’ over the years winning the seedling class on many occasions. Is it possible ‘Sunny Sundays’ is on par with the great ‘Randy Scott’? Time will tell.


‘Sunny Sundays’ Best Seedling at the 2010 Richmond Rose Show. Photo by Andrew Hearne.

5 thoughts on “New Rose Announcement: ‘Sunny Sundays’

  1. I assist at many garden centers in the Spring, design a few plant related things, and am in tune with what the public is NOW looking for. They can be ever changing and quite fickle at times. Trust me, this rose will be an impact player re/ Joe& JaneConsumer’s rose selections. It has memorable form, color, lasting qualities , a charismatic name, and above all a not to be denied personality. A step up and away from basic red, white, pink, & associated blends. Wake up rose industry people. Rub your eyes. Roses like this = $$$. My 2 cents worth.

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