Ken Borrmann Wins Big at the 2013 Penn Jersey District Rose

Wades Best of Show

Don and Laura Wade win the Jersey Shore Rose Society Trophy best overall miniature rose exhibit of show with their winning spray of ‘Joy’.  Photo by Andrew Hearne.

The 2013 Penn-Jersey District Convention and Rose Show was hosted by the West Jersey Rose Society at The Hotel ML in Mount Laurel, NJ.  This year’s rose show was a bit smaller than usual with some of the best exhibitors not in attendance (Mike and Sally Wrightstone, Glenn and Donna Smith, Wayne and Deb Geltz, John and Cheryl Smith, and Joe and Sue Yelinek). It was nice to see Louise Coleman show roses from New York and Pamela Powers come up to show from Virginia. I did not show roses but came early to the show to help out exhibitors in the prep room and of course for the actual rose show itself.  Most importantly I came to see my rose friends and those who share a common interest of roses.

McFarland Borrmann

J. Horace McFarland District winning entry (From L-R) ‘Crystalline’, ‘Mavrik’, ‘Dublin’, ‘Cajun Moon’ and ‘Randy Scott’ shown by Ken Borrmann. Photo by Andrew Hearne.

Ken Borrmann of Warminster, PA won the J. Horace McFarland DIstrict Trophy with the roses ‘Crystalline’, ‘Randy Scott’,  ‘Cajun Moon’, ‘Mavrik’ and ‘Dublin’.  It was the only entry in the class however this was another strong entry by Ken which was his 14th McFarland Trophy won in 15 tries.   For the second straight year Ken won the J. Benjamin Williams Miniflora Trophy  this year easily with ‘Whirlaway’, ‘Foolish Pleasure’,  ‘Tiffany Lynn’,  ‘Shameless’, ‘Abby’s Angel’ and ‘First Choice’.  Ken also won the Philadelphia Rose Society Challenge Trophy for best hybrid tea English Box, the Jack D. Lissmore Friendship Trophy for a matched pair of ‘Mavrik’ and the Pittsburgh Rose Society Challenge Trophy with a collection of ‘Affirm’, ‘Moonstone’ and ‘Randy Scott’.

Ben WIlliams winner Borrmann

The J. Benjamin Williams Miniflora District Challenge Trophy winning entry shown by Ken Borrmann with the roses ‘Whirlaway’, ‘Foolish Pleasure’, ‘Tiffany Lynn, ‘First Choice’, ‘Abby’s Angel’ and ‘Shameless’. Photo by Andrew Hearne.

Ken repeated winning the hybrid tea Queen of Show with ‘Hot Princess’ edging out Bill Hylen’s ‘Gemini’ 6 votes to 5.  The ‘Hot Princess’ was more round from the top and had a stronger center with flawless stem and foliage.  In comparison the ‘Gemini’ had excellent color with a nice high centered profile.  Unfortunately there was some foliage damage to the ‘Gemini’.  Ken also won the Princess and Prince with ‘Cajun Moon’ and ‘Dublin’, respectively.  Don and Laura Wade rounded out the hybrid tea court with ‘Moonstone’.  Overall the hybrid teas were not as good as we have seen in years past at the District show due to an early September show date.  The highest quality District shows have always been in mid-September.  It’s remarkable what having the show date only one week later does for the quality of blooms.

Hot Princess Queen_

Hybrid Tea Queen of Show ‘Hot Princess’ won by Ken Borrmann. Photo by Andrew Hearne

Ken swept the miniflora court– easily having the best quality and exhibited minifloras at the show.  The roses were ‘Abby’s Angel’ (Queen), ‘Tiffany Lynn’ (King), ‘Shameless’ (Princess), ‘First Choice’ (Prince) and ‘Ghostzapper’ (Duchess).  Sweeping the miniflora court and winning the Ben Williams District trophy is particularly impressive given he grows only about 25 to 30 miniatures and minifloras in total.  Pamela Powers won the Miniature Queen of Show with ‘Soroptimist International’ edging out a nice ‘Joy’ by the Wades.  Rafiq and Suni Bolar won the miniature Princess and Prince respectively with a colorful ‘Magic Show’ and large ‘Irresistible’ both were nice blooms.  ‘Bees Knees’ shown by Georgianna Papale rounded out the miniature court.

Abbys Angel MF Queen Borrmann

‘Abby’s Angel’ miniflora Queen of Show shown by Ken Borrmann. Photo by Andrew Hearne.

Soroptimist International Queen Pam Powers

‘Soroptimist International’ miniature Queen of Show shown by Pamela Powers. Photo by Andrew Hearne

Rafiq and Suni Bolar won the Ralph Moore District Challenge Trophy going unopposed this year, capturing the trophy for the third straight year. The roses were ‘New Hampshire’, ‘Kristin’, ‘Baby Boomer’, ‘Miss Flippins’,  ‘Jilly Jewel’, ‘Pierrine’ and ‘Bees Knees’.  I thought their entry last year was stronger and presented better.

Ralph Moore Bolars

The Bolar’s winning Ralph Moore District Challenge Trophy. Roses from (L-R) ‘New Hampshire’, ‘Krisitin’, ‘Baby Boomer’, ‘Miss Flippins’, ‘Jilly Jewel’, ‘Pierrine’ and ‘Bees Knees’. Photo by Andrew Hearne.

Bill and Kathy Kozemchak notched yet another win of the Griffith Buck Shrub Torphy with ‘Della Balour’, ‘Ambridge Rose’ and ‘Jude The Obscure’.  Tom Mayhew won the Best Polyantha with ‘Excellenz von Schubert’ and Bruce Monroe has a nice exhibit of ‘Lady Elsie May’, the Best Modern Shrub.

Excellenz von Schubert- Mayhew

‘Excellenz von Schubert’ best Polyantha shown by Tom Mayhew. Photo by Andrew Hearne.

One of the newer members I enjoyed speaking with at the show was Judy Goss.  I really appreciate her enthusiasm as a newbie and she even entered the Griffith Buck District Challenge Trophy which is not typical of a “new” exhibitor.  While I did not attend the evening dinner I did hear Curtis Aumiller was awarded the Silver Model Honor for outstanding service to the Penn-Jersey District.  Congratulations Curtis!  Pat Shanley was the guest speaker after dinner and gave a talk entitled “A Vision of Roses….A Vision of ARS”.  Overall I really enjoyed the show and the quality of blooms for an early September show.  Our District has some of the nicest people you will meet and I like conversing with my fellow rose friends. Thank you West Jersey Rose Society for hosting an outstanding District Show and congratulations to ALL the exhibitors who showed roses this weekend.

Bill and Kathy Kozemchak

Bill and Kathy Kozemchak prep their roses prior to entry. Photo by Andrew Hearne.

Bill Hylen

Bill Hylen prepping a few blooms of ‘Gemini’. Bill just missed winning the Hybrid Tea Queen by one vote. He also won the best floating rose with ‘Gemini’. Photo by Andrew Hearne.

Joy Best of Show Wades

‘Joy’ best Miniature entry of show was awarded to Don and Laura Wade. Photo by Andrew Hearne.

9 thoughts on “Ken Borrmann Wins Big at the 2013 Penn Jersey District Rose

  1. I was one of the judges for the show. I was a bit disappointed in the rose show this year. There seemed to be less roses. The HT and miniature courts did not have as strong of entries in past years. There were several challenge classes that I thought did not have good enough entries to award the class.

    On the other hand, the mini-floras were well-contested. Ken’s Ben Williams entry was stunning and his mini-f queen looked better in person (even though it looks good with Andrew’s great photography). The second place was a solid entry might have won in another district. Tom Mayhew’s best polyantha was stunning as well. (I hadn’t judged or seen the winning spray of Joy, but it looks beautiful from the photos.)

    I look forward to the 2014 P-J district convention. I hope Mike and Sally Wrightstone, Glenn and Donna Smith, Wayne and Deb Geltz, John and Cheryl Smith, and Joe and Sue Yelinek and Andrew and Julie Hearne will exhibit and that we can encourage more newer exhibitors to enter.

  2. Thank you for posting all the lovely pictures! As a new exhibitor it is really helpful to see great roses staged well. I enjoy your blog very much.

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