Ken Borrmann Reaches Milestone


‘Dublin’ hybrid tea Queen of Show shown by Ken Borrmann. Photo by Andrew Hearne.

The Jersey Shore Rose Society held their 42nd annual rose show at Deep Cut Gardens in Middletown, NJ.  It was a cold windy morning with the temperature right around 50°F during the opening of prep time which was outside.  The cold weather was nice for the roses but the wind made set up and staging hybrid teas virtually impossible.  I think almost everyone had a jacket or sweatshirt on.  The winds forced exhibitor Ken Borrmann to prep all his roses in their individual double stacked milk cartons.  As usual Bill Kozemchak was the first exhibitor there in the morning but was minus his wife Kathy this week.  After last week’s dominating performance at the Penn-Jersey District Rose Show, Ken Borrmann wrapped up his fall exhibiting season with an equally impressive showing at the Jersey Shore Rose Show winning the hybrid tea, miniflora and miniature Queen of Show at the same show for the first time.

The hybrid tea Queen of Show was awarded to a very large, smoky colored, high centered very well formed ‘Dublin’ shown by Ken Borrmann which was easily the best hybrid tea at the show.  This was Ken’s 60th hybrid tea Queen and 8th win with ‘Dublin’ (most amongst his roses) and the second straight year he has won the hybrid tea Queen with ‘Dublin’ at the Jersey Shore Rose Show.  Ken won his first hybrid tea Queen at the Delaware Rose Show in 1997 with ‘Stryker’.  The hybrid tea King and Princess were ‘Mavrik’ and a huge ‘Arctic Circle’, respectively also shown by Ken Borrmann.  I personally liked his ‘Let Freedom Ring’ and ‘Affirm’ that he had also brought better than the ‘Arctic Circle’ but one could not ignore its impress size.

Picture Frame

Best Hybrid Tea rose in a Picture Frame ‘My Lady Barbara’ shown by Ken Borrmann. Photo by Andrew Hearne.

Ken won the hybrid tea rose in a picture frame with a big colorful ‘My Lady Barbara’ that had a pin point center and the large floating rose with the same variety.  Additionally, Ken won the best matched pair of hybrid teas exhibition blooms with ‘Mavrik’;  the Hi-Lo with ‘Mavrik’ and ‘Foolish Pleasure’; and English Box with ‘Mavrik’, ‘Cajun Moon’, ‘Louise Estes’ and ‘Moonstone’.  Bill Kozemchak as usual took home numerous awards including best Floribunda spray with ‘Amelia Fleming’.  Pam Coath won with a pretty winning entry of ‘Lyda Rose’ and Rafiq and Suni Bolar won the best Polyantha with ‘The Fairy’.

Spray Hannah Gordon Kozemchak

Judges Class winner  ‘Hannah Gordon’ shown by Bruce Monroe. Photo by Andrew Hearne.

Ken Borrmann won the Miniature Queen with his only single stem entry with a beautiful ‘Joy’ that had a wonderful spiral and center.  Ken only grows two miniature rose varieties amazingly.  Rafiq and Suni Bolar were awarded the miniature King and Princess with ‘Irresistible’ and ‘Magic Show’ respectively.  This was the second straight weekend the Bolars have had Princess with ‘Magic Show’.  Bill Kozemchak won the best miniature floating rose and miniature picture frame with ‘Joy’ and his entry of  ‘Green Ice’ was awarded best miniature spray.

Joy Mini Queen Joy Ken Borrmann

‘Joy’ Miniature Queen of Show shown by Ken Borrmann. Photo by Andrew Hearne

After sweeping the miniflora court at the Penn-Jersey District Rose Show last weekend Ken repeated the feat again.  The miniflora Queen was a lovely ‘Foolish Pleasure’ that had excellent color and great center.  ‘Abby’s Angel’ won the miniflora King after winning the Penn-Jersey District miniflora Queen last week and still looked great!  A decent ‘Whirlaway’ rounded out the miniflora court.  The best miniflora floating rose was ‘Show Stopper’ awarded to Rafiq and Suni Bolar and Bill Kozemchak won the best miniflora spray with ‘Foolish Pleasure’.  Ken won the miniflora English Box with 2 of each: ‘Tiffany Lynn’, ‘Whirlaway’ and ‘Foolish Pleasure’.

Joy and Foolish Pleasure2 - Borrmann

Miniature Queen of Show ‘Joy’ and Miniflora Queen of Show ‘Foolish Pleasure’ won by Ken Borrmann. Photo by Andrew Hearne.

Despite a cold start to the day it was another very nice rose show by The Jersey Shore Rose Society.  I heard there was a lot of foot traffic through Deep Cut Gardens on a beautiful sunny Saturday.  I particularly liked the dedicated “photo booth” setup where exhibitors could photograph their roses and exhibits.  Congratulations to all the exhibitors who participated and a thanks to members of the JSRS for putting on a wonderful rose show.

‘Joy’ Best Miniature Rose in a Picture Frame shown by Bill Kozemchak. Photo by Andrew Hearne.

Joy MIni Floater Kozemchak

‘Joy’ Best Miniature Floating Rose shown by Bill Kozemchak. Photo by Andrew Hearne.

Borrmann MF Box

Best Miniflora English Box (from T-B) ‘Foolish Pleasure’, ‘Whirlaway’ and ‘Tiffany Lynn’ shown (in a hybrid tea size English box) by Ken Borrmann. Photo by Andrew Hearne.

MF Floater Show Stopper Bolar

Best Miniflora Floating Rose ‘Show Stopper’ won by Rafiq and Suni Bolar. Photo by Andrew Hearne.

5 thoughts on “Ken Borrmann Reaches Milestone

  1. Next year, you better exhibit there!

    I hope to be able to show my roses there next year.

    Hopefully then Ken will go home with less trophies 😉

  2. Thanks for sharing these rose photos—-we all loved the beautiful rose exhibits. We all get to enjoy the benefits of the hard work that Ken, Bill, Suni and Rafiq do in their gardens. It is truly a labor of love.

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