January Photo Contest Results


Tom Mayhew’s winning entry, ‘Emma Grace’, for the January Photo Contest.

We would like to thank everyone who submitted entries for January’s photo contest of best miniature or miniflora bloom at exhibition stage. We had many nice submissions from rosarians across the country and even an entry from the United Kingdom. The wonderful quality of the top five photos made it a tough choice to pick the best photo. This month’s winning entry was submitted by Tom Mayhew of Langhorn, PA for his beautiful photograph of the miniature rose ‘Emma Grace’. Tom will receive a voucher for a free rose courtesy of Forloveofroses.com. The panel of judges wished the photo was cropped a little tighter and the photo had a little more depth of field (the outer right petal is slightly out of focus). Despite some shadows the panel loved the brilliant color that draws you into the photo and and the way the bloom “pops” off the frame. Tom’s photo of ‘Emma Grace’ had very nice natural form.

The rest of the top five photos in no particular order:


‘Moonbeam’ photo by Bill Kozemchak.

Bill Kozemchak of Levittown, PA had a beautiful photo of the miniflora ‘Moonbeam’. The panel really loved the nicely exposed, shadowless photo and the angle of the bloom in the photograph. Unfortunately, the trimmed outer petals were enough for the panel not to give the highest honor for this month’s best photograph of an otherwise technically very strong submission from Bill.


‘Autumn Splendor’ photo by Stan Griep.

Stan Griep of Loveland, CO had a lovely photograph of the yellow and orange miniflora ‘Autumn Splendor’ that wowed the panel for its artist and unique composition. The panel would have liked a little less “dead space” beneath the foliage of a very well exposed photograph. A more colorful version of this beautiful rose that is a little more open was a factor in preventing Stan’s wonderful photo which nearly took home this month’s top prize.


‘Foolish Pleasure’ photo by Pam Powers.

Pam Powers of Virginia has her photograph of the white hybrid tea ‘Randy Scott’ featured on the cover of the January / February issue of the American Rose Society magazine. Her submission of the miniflora ‘Foolish Pleasure’ was a very nice and beautiful, though slightly tight bloom. The judges appreciate Pam was able to capture the flower without harsh shadows. However, the dew and rain drop on one of the petals and slight overexposure were enough to prevent Pam’s photo from taking home top prize. Of course we appreciate Pam submission of one of the country’s top miniflora exhibition varieties.


‘ Fitzhugh’s Diamond’ photo by Cindy Dale.

Cindy Dale, master rosarian of Peachtree, GA, sent in a truly stunning bloom of Verlie ‘Whit’ Wells’ miniflora rose ‘Fitzhugh’s Diamond’. There isn’t much not to like about the form and color of this rose in the photo. Excellent exposure and lovely inclusion of the foliage frame the bloom well; however, the lower most petal is cut off at the bottom of the photo which was enough to prevent the panel from giving this photograph this month’s award. It’s a beautiful bloom and a great angle of a gorgeous rose.

Stay tuned for details of February’s photo contest which we will post soon for another chance to win a voucher for a free rose from Forloveofroses.com. Once again we would like to thanks all those who participated in January’s photo contest.

9 thoughts on “January Photo Contest Results

  1. I wouldn’t want Tom’s bloom cropped more. A rose photo shouldn’t look like a rose bloom floating in space. The foliage gives it scale and context. The shadows in the foliage contrasts with the sunlit highlights on the rose. It is an amazing photo.

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