February Photo Contest

Helen Naude'- Ken Bormann 2006 5x7 Crop Copyright

A photo of the rose ‘Helen Naude’. She is a South African radio personality.

There are so many events coming up that we had a hard time picking a single theme, so we decided to go with the two biggest upcoming events: The Winter Olympics and The Academy Awards. So to celebrate these two events, here is our theme: one best photo of either ‘Olympiad’ (named in honor of the 1984 Summer Olympics) OR a rose named after a celebrity. The photograph of the rose can be at exhibition stage, open bloom or spray.  Here’s the definition that we will be using to define a celebrity:

  • a media personality (‘Helen Naude’, ‘Dick Clark’, ‘Peter Frankenfeld’, etc.)
  • an actor or actress (‘Liv Tyler’, ‘Elizabeth Taylor’, ‘Dolly Parton’, etc.)
  • a singer (‘Dolly Parton’, ‘Barbara Streisand’, ‘Leann Rimes’, etc.)
  • a politician figure, religious leader, or cultural icon  (‘Mr. Lincoln’, ‘Helmut Schmidt’, ‘Coretta Scott King’, ‘Pope John Paul II’, etc.)
  • a comedian (‘Minnie Pearl’, ‘Whoopi’ etc.)
  • an athlete (‘Chris Evert’, ‘Pele’, etc.)

If you have any questions if your rose fits under one of these categories, please comment below and we’ll respond so all prospective participants will know. You may only send in one photo. For additional rules please take a look at ITRG’s Photo Contest page.

24 thoughts on “February Photo Contest

  1. hi…i want to participate in photo contest. i have helen noude n lynn rimes…how many photo i can send you…n where to send.warm regards .Rahul , India.

  2. Do they have to be hybrid teas? Can we submit a mini/miniflora, Floribunda, or a shrub that is named after a celebrity?

  3. Does a spray of ‘Jacqueline du Pre’, a shrub rose qualify for entry? The rose was named for the British cellist who was the subject of the 1998 movie “Hilary and Jackie” and the book “A Genius in the Family”

    • Based on his Wiki entry, we’ll accept him as a celebrity because he had media attention. Also, his influence to popularize roses throughout an entire country seems to make him a cultural icon. We look forward to seeing your entry!

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