2013 Top Exhibition Miniature Roses

Joy Mini Queen Joy Ken Borrmann

‘Joy’ miniature Queen of Show at the 2013 Jersey Shore Rose Show won by Ken Borrmann. Photo by Andrew Hearne.

#1 ‘Joy’ – David Clemons’ outstanding miniature rose ‘Joy’, named in honor of his mother retained the top spot as the top exhibition miniature rose in the country. ‘Joy’ widened the margin slightly over second place ‘Bees Knees’ from 26 points last year to 40 points this year. Winning 14 Queens in 2013, ‘Joy’ was the top “Queen Machine” for the fourth straight year. However, this was down from 20 Queens won in 2012. It should be noted that ‘Joy’ also won the most miniature/miniflora spray trophies the past  three years making ‘Joy’ the current undisputed top miniature show rose.

Bees Knees Copyright

‘Bees Knees’ in the garden during the summer. Photo by Andrew Hearne.

#2 ‘Bees Knees’ – Hybridizer Dr. Keith Zary is known for producing  the great hybrid teas ‘Gemini’ and ‘Veterans’ Honor’. In 1998, ‘Bees Knees’ was introduced, a year prior to the introduction of ‘Gemini’ and ‘Veterans’ Honor’. Who would have thought one of his greatest creations would be in the form of a miniature yellow blend rose named ‘Bees Knees’. Giving up its number one ranking to ‘Joy’ in 2012, ‘Bees Knees’ remained firmly in second place. This past year ‘Bees Knees’ tied the red miniature rose ‘Daddy Frank’ for fourth in number of miniature Queens won (9).

Fairhope Mini Queen - Pam Powers

‘Fairhope’ Miniature Queen of Show won by Pam Powers at the Garden Club of Virginia Rose Show. Pam won 3 Miniature Queens in 2013 with ‘Fairhope’. Photo by Andrew Hearne.

#3 ‘Fairhope’ – The greatest exhibition miniature rose of all time, ‘Fairhope’ finished easily as the 3rd ranked exhibition miniature rose. Winning twelve miniature Queens in 2013, only ‘Joy’ won more. Rafiq and Suni Bolar won the Miniature Queen of Show at the All-Miniature National Rose Show in Winston-Salem, NC. It was the 13th time the great ‘Fairhope’ has won the National Miniature Queen of Show. In 2000 when there were far many more rose shows,  ‘Fairhope’ recorded a record 549 points and 42 Miniature Queens of Show. Introduced in 1989, ‘Fairhope’ is by far the oldest rose ranked in the top 5  (miniature or hybrid tea), a true testament of the greatness and longevity of Pete and Kay Taylor’s masterpiece.

Soroptimist International Queen Pam Powers

‘Soroptimist International’ Miniature Queen of Show at the 2013 Penn-Jersey District Rose Show won by Pam Powers. Photo by Andrew Hearne.

#4 ‘Soroptimist International’ – Like ‘Fairhope’, SI moved up one position. Being only 6 points behind ‘Fairhope’ in 2012, ‘Soroptimist International’ lost ground and was a distant 45 points behind in 2013. This past year ‘Soroptimist International’ was the third highest winner of Miniature Queens with eleven.

Nancy Jean 2011 Penn Jersey District Miniature Queen Copyright 2

‘Nancy Jean’ Miniature Queen of Show won by Mike Wrightstone at the 2011 Penn-Jersey District Rose Show. Photo by Andrew Hearne.

#5 ‘Nancy Jean’ – With a 133 points, the large and often controversial ‘Nancy Jean’ finished a mere 6 points behind SI for 5th place. This offspring of ‘Fairhope’ was tied with ‘Renegade’ for 7th most Miniature Queens of Show (6). With blooms that can rival or exceed the size of minifloras and a color that is not loved by all, ‘Nancy Jean’ still remains one of the top miniature show roses.

Magic Show Copyright 2

‘Magic Show’ Miniature Queen of Show 2012 Penn-Jersey District Rose Show won by Mike Wrightstone. Photo by Andrew Hearne.

#6 ‘Magic Show’ – Like ‘Nancy Jean’ was only 6 points behind ‘Soroptimist International’, ‘Magic Show’ was only 6 points behind ‘Nancy Jean’. In 2013, ‘Magic Show’ won eight Queens which was 6th most amongst miniature roses. Typically shown slightly tighter than other miniatures due to a relatively low petal count, the reliable form and fantastic white blooms with red/deep pink edges has made ‘Magic Show’ a top-tier exhibition rose.

Daddy Frank Miniature Queen 1

‘Daddy Frank’ Miniature Queen of Show at the 2013 Philadelphia Rose Show shown by Andrew Hearne. Photo by Andrew Hearne.

#7 ‘Daddy Frank’ – Originally classified as a miniflora, ‘Daddy Frank’ has really benefited from being re-classified as a miniature rose. I personally have not seen a bloom on ‘Daddy Frank’ on my bush or shown by any one else locally to confuse it with the size of a miniflora, so I feel this rose is correctly classified as a miniature. ‘Daddy Frank’, hybridized by Robbie Tucker, finished only 4 points behind ‘Magic Show’ and took home nine Miniature Queens.

Renegade Copyright

‘Renegade’ Miniature King of Show 2009 Harrisburg National Miniature Rose Show shown by Andrew Hearne. Photo by Andrew Hearne.

#8 ‘Renegade’ – Like ‘Daddy Frank’, ‘Renegade’ was also hybridized by Robbie Tucker. It is interesting that ‘Renegade’ was introduced and still is a miniature rose and can dwarf ‘Daddy Frank’ in size, which of course was originally classified as a miniflora. This stately red and white miniature rose won six Queens in 2103.

Irresistible Copyright

‘Irresistible’ Miniature King of Show 2009 West Jersey Rose Show shown by Andrew Hearne. Photo by Andrew Hearne.

#9 ‘Irresistible’ – The legendary Dee Bennett’s white rose blushed with pink had a not too memorable 2013 dropping to 9th after being 3rd in 2012. ‘Irresistible’ had eight fewer Queens in 2013 than the previous season winning just two.   It would not surprise me to see ‘Irresistible’ make an equal climb back up the charts in 2014.

Ty Copyright

‘Ty’ in my garden this summer. Photo by Andrew Hearne.

#10 ‘Ty’ – Robbie Tucker’s third rose in the top 10 had an amazing 2013, moving up 14 places from 2012. The well-formed bright yellow blooms are average in size by today’s miniature standards and often has oversized foliage.

Two roses were re-classified this past year, ‘Memphis King’ (13th) and ‘Edisto’ (18th). It should be interesting to see how these two “large” miniatures perform in 2014. ‘Edisto’, a red blend, is especially interesting given its rose in “no man’s land”–too large to really be a miniature and too small to be a miniflora. ‘Sam Trivitt’, ‘Sweet Revenge’ and ‘Marie Jeannette’ (the sport of ‘Irresistible’) re-entered the top 25. The yellow and red rose ‘Best of 04’ did not have a best of ’13 as the large miniature dropped nine places to 21. ‘Pierrine’, ‘Kristin’, and ‘Breath of Spring’ all dropped 4 or more spots from the previous year, while the “old standards” ‘Jean Keneally’, ‘Giggles’, ‘Hot Tamale’ and ‘Chelsea Belle’ dropped out of the top 25. With some promising “newer” roses and a few other minifloras being re-classified it should be an exciting 2014, though I would not count out many of those “old standards”.

Top 25

1- ‘Joy’ (230)
2- ‘Bees Knees’ (190)
3- ‘Fairhope’ (174)
4- ‘Soroptimist International’ (139)
5- ‘Nancy Jean’ (133)
6- ‘Magic Show’ (127)
7- ‘Daddy Frank’ (123)
8- ‘Renegade’ (112)
9- ‘Irresistible’ (94)
10- ‘Ty’ (82)
11- ‘Miss Flippins’ (76)
12- ‘Dancing Flame’ (73)
13- ‘Memphis King’ (65)
14- ‘Erin Alonso’ (61)
15t- ‘Glowing Amber’ (54)
15t- ‘Pierrine’ (54)
17- ‘Arcanum’ (52)
18- ‘Edisto’ (50)
19- ‘Breath of Spring’ (49)
20- ‘Sam Trivitt’ (44)
21- ‘Best of 04’ (40)
22- ‘Incognito’ (38)
23- ‘Kristin’ (36)
24- ‘Sweet Revenge’ (33)
25t- ‘Luis Desamero’ (31)
25t- ‘Marie Jeannette’ (31)

Statistics are provided by Robert Martin, editor of Rose Exhibitors’ Forum–a comprehensive quarterly American Rose Society bulletin dedicated to rose exhibiting. On a personal note I really enjoy chatting with Bob about the statistics and history of rose exhibiting. Bob is a self-admitted stats junkie and his analysis on data collected throughout the years definitely shows. -Andrew

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