February Photo Contest Results


Tom Mayhew’s winning entry, ‘Jacqueline du Pre’, for the February Photo Contest.

We would like to thank everyone who submitted entries for February’s photo contest of best rose named after a famous person or photo of the hybrid tea ‘Olympiad’.  This month our panel was deadlocked for the top photograph between Bill Kozemchack’s photo of ‘Helen Naude’ and Tom Mayhew’s ‘Jacqueline du Pre’, so we decided to let our Facebook followers decide this month’s winning photograph by voting for their favorite of the two.

1st Place- ‘Jacqueline du Pre’ was a famous British cellist who died at the age of 42 of multiple sclerosis. She is most famous for her interpretation of Edward Elgar’s Cello Concerto in E Minor. Tom Mayhew’s fantastic photo of this white shrub is very sharp and had fantastic depth of field. The pink stamens against the white petals is quite striking. Some of the minor criticism of Tom’s photo from our panel was the fact one of the blooms is turned away from the viewers eye and the other is facing slightly down and partially obstructed from the eye, but of course rosarians can’t control the way a rose grows and blooms. A few of the judges prefer the rose in its natural setting versus a black background.  Overall a fantastic photograph.


‘Helen Naude’ photo by Bill Kozemchak.

2nd Place- ‘Helen Naude’ is a radio personailty of Jacaranda FM in South Africa.  The panel liked how nice and crisp this photograph is and the fact the bloom seemingly jumps out of the screen. The photograph is a fine demonstration of good exposure. A few on the panel did not care for the tilted head of the bloom or the fact the bloom is just past exhibition stage (the bloom counts as 50 percent of judging for the photograph). These criticism are minor of an otherwise excellent photograph.

Jacko Copyright2

‘Gertrude Jekyll’ photo by Patti Jacko.

3rd Place- ‘Gertrude Jekyll’ was a British garden designer, horticulturist, artist and writer. This photograph has good color and is crisp. A shadowless photograph while desirable can also suffer from being a bit flat which this does.    Some of the panelist like the tight crop while others did not.  One other minor criticism was the rose was photographed straight down so it didn’t have as much dimension as some of the panelist would have liked.  A very nice photograph from Patti.

Powers Copyright_

‘Abraham Darby, photo by Pam Powers.

4th Place – ‘Abraham Darby’ invented coke smelting and production methods for brass and iron goods. This is a good demonstration of being photographed at a perfect angle. Pam’s picture has a nice green natural background with no distractions. Unfortunately, this bloom has several stamens that could have been removed and are turning black.  The photo is also a bit flat and could use a bit more contrast. Pam like last month finished in fourth place. Great job Pam!


‘Julia Child’ photo by Kitty Belendez.

5th Place- ‘Julia Child’ was a famous American chef, television personality and author. A wonderful photo of the beautiful floribunda that has eye popping yellow color that jumps off the photograph. Some of our panelist said this photo is the kind of photograph found in todays rose catalog.  The image is a bit “busy” so the eye is always wondering. This was Kitty Belendez’s first entry in our photo contest and we hope see her to continue to participate.

Stay tuned for details of March’s photo contest which we will post soon for another chance to win a voucher for a free rose from forloveofroses.com. Once again we would like to thanks all those who participated in February’s photo contest.

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