March Photo Contest Results


Cindy Dale's winning entry, 'Cajun Moon', for the March photo contest.

Cindy Dale’s winning entry, ‘Cajun Moon’, for the March photo contest.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in March’s photo contest of best photograph of a HYBRID TEA, GRANDIFLORA, FLORIBUNDA, POLYANTHA, MINIATURE or MINIFLORA Spray. We had many nice submissions from rosarians across the country and even an entry from the United Kingdom.  This month’s winning photographer was Cindy Dale, master rosarian from Peachtree, GA, with her wonderful entry of the hybrid tea spray of ‘Cajun Moon’.  Cindy will receive a voucher for a free rose courtesy of

The panel of judges really liked how the lovely lower center bloom pulls you into the photograph.  Cindy should be complimented on the soft, shadowless natural light with good exposure which enhances the beauty of the ‘Cajun Moon’ spray.   The panel of judges wished the photo had a little more depth of field (the left rose is slightly out of focus) however this was not a major distraction from the overall beauty of the spray and photograph. With the spray being against a black backdrop the photo could have been cropped in a bit tighter for a bit more impact, but it is a lovely photo overall by Cindy.

'Wild Blue Yonder' Photo by Patti Jacko

‘Wild Blue Yonder’ Photo by Patti Jacko.

2nd Place- ‘Wild Blue Yonder’ Patti Jacko submitted this lovely photograph of the grandiflora spray ‘Wild Blue Yonder’.  This photograph exhibits great exposure and the flowers really “pop”.  The touch of green foliage was nice to break up the black background.  The vertical line of the spray is different than typical though the left flower seems a bit “lost”.  A couple of the blooms are just past prime.  The yellow stamens really are a nice contrast and captured very well in this photo.  Very nice photo Patti.

'The Fairy'.  Photo by Tom Mayhew

‘The Fairy’. Photo by Tom Mayhew.

3rd Place- ‘The Fairy’ Tom Mayhew, winner of January and February’s photo contests, submitted another very nice photo. Tom’s photo has a good 3D effect from the lighting despite causing very minor shadows. Some on the panel thought the foliage distracted the eye away from the foliage while others didn’t mind. The panel liked the symmetrical shape of the spray and photograph.

'Lets Celebrate'.  Photo by Bill Kozemchack

‘Let’s Celebrate’. Photo by Bill Kozemchack.

4th Place-  ‘Let’s Celebrate’ Bill Kozemchak of Levittown, PA ironically has the same style and feel of Tom’s photo of ‘The Fairy’.  The difference in the two photos came down to Tom’s having a little  bit better balance to the photo.  The two buds are a slight distraction and maybe tilting the camera would help balance out the void on the lower and upper right parts of the photo compared to the left.  Still a solid photo from Bill K.

'Moody Blues'.  Photo by Ivor Mace.

‘Moody Blues’. Photo by Ivor Mace.

5th Place- ‘Moody Blues’ International rosarian Ivor Mace of the United Kingdom finished in the Top 5 for the first time in our photo contest.  This photo features hybridizer Sam McGredy’s floribunda taken naturally on the bush.  The photo features nice lighting with no shadows on the blooms.  The panel wished the roses were a bit fresher.  Also the void in the spray with the two buds makes your eye wonder a bit and breaks up the spray and photo.  We always enjoy seeing photos of roses from abroad.

Stay tuned for details of April’s photo contest which we will post soon for another chance to win a free pre-selected rose from Once again we would like to thanks all those who participated in March’s photo contest.

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