Andrew Hearne (blog writer and photographer) has been a rosarian since about the age of five, when his grandmother noticed his love of roses and decided to buy him his very own rose bush, “Gypsy”. It wasn’t until 15 years later that he exhibited at his first show. The following year he won his first Hybrid Tea Queen of Show with “Pristine” at the Chesapeake Rose Show. Eventually, Andrew served as the Vice President of the Delaware Rose Society and President of the Chesapeake Rose Society. However, within a few years of beginning to exhibit, a new job which required regular travel out of town (and still continues to) prevented him from spending the time to properly maintain his hybrid teas and so he stopped showing for about five years. Although he was unable to exhibit roses, he continued to go to the shows and in the mean time took up a new hobby, photography– he began photographing the roses. After realizing that he missed exhibiting, he took his good friend’s (Peder Heden’s) suggestion that he grow miniatures and minifloras because they are a little more “forgiving” based on his schedule. In 2007, Andrew was back to exhibiting and has done well with the miniatures and minifloras. Among his accomplishments are the Ralph Moore National Miniature Collection (collection of nine miniatures) in Fall 2010 in Atlanta, GA and the J. Benjamin Williams Miniflora Rose National Trophy (collection of ten minifloras) in Spring 2011 in Winston-Salem, NC (both were won in his first and only attempt for each), and dozens of queens at all levels of exhibition (local, district, and national), including 4 Miniature and Miniflora National Queens.

Julie Hearne (editor, “day-to-day operations supervisor”, and cook for Inside the Rosarians Tummy) never knew there was such a thing as “grooming a rose” or that people carried Q-tips in tackle boxes until she went to her first rose show in 2012 (Maryland) with Andrew. BUT, it didn’t take long to realize that she had an eye for picking roses. Andrew asked her which was his best rose on his prep table, which had at least three dozen roses. Unable to pick just one, she chose an “Unbridled” and a “First and Foremost”; Andrew’s “Unbridled” wound up winning Miniflora Queen that day. Ever since that day, Julie has been attending the rose shows to help Andrew in the prep room filling out the tags, offering an opinion, and providing moral support. Her contribution to the rose world was coming up with the idea of having a rose blog and convincing Andrew it’d be a good idea.

When not involved with roses, both can be found catching the latest movie, traveling, having the occasional steak on the grill, and making each other laugh.

Comments and suggestions for future topics are welcomed.

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