ITRG’s Photo Contest

This year we will be having a monthly photo contest. For winners living in the US, they will receive a free rose from During the traditional off-season (January, February, March, October, November and December) the winner will receive an email voucher for a free rose and during the months of April through September a pre-determined rose will be announced at the start of the monthly contest and given to the winner. For our international readers, you can still participate but we’ll provide you with an alternative prize that will get through Customs! Each photo will be judged based on photographic excellence and quality of the rose specimen/entry. The winning photograph will be featured on our Inside The Rosarians Garden Facebook page and our blog. The winner will be contacted by us at the end of each month via email. Photo credit will of course be given to the photographer.

  • All photos received will not be published without the photographer’s permission.
  • Only one photograph per photographer can be entered per month. Multiple entries will be ignored, so choose carefully!
  • Email your photo to us at: ITRG302[at]gmail[dot]com. DO NOT POST IT ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE. IT WILL BE DELETED.
  • Please include the name of the variety, your name and the city and state (and country if outside the US) where you live.
  • Photos need to be 1 MB to 2 MB in size and can be cropped in any way you want.
  • Use of Photoshop or other editing programs is permissible.
  • Deadline to submit photos is the 25th of each month at midnight Eastern Standard Time (EST). EXCEPT for FEBRUARY, it’ll be due the 20th EST. (Check out our Calendar of Events!)


Inside the Rosarians Garden would like to thank Richard Anthony of For Love of Roses for providing the monthly prize for the photo contest.

15 thoughts on “ITRG’s Photo Contest

  1. Richard Anthony referred me to this web site. He is very impressed with Richard Hearne’s photography. I can see why. What are the qualifications to be in this group? Neil Evans ncevans

    • Hi Neil, this is Andrew…..our photo contest has kind of fallen by the way side as work has been insanely busy this year it’s been a bit overwhelming trying to keep up with work, personal life, a rose garden and the blog. Hopefully we will have a photo contest again shortly. Thanks for your interest! Andrew

  2. I’m sorry I called you Richard. I must have had Richard Anthony’s name on my mind. I do not necessarily need to compete in a contest. I just like to improve my rose photography.

  3. I hope to see the photo contest return in 2015 as I found out about this site from our President of our Rose Society (Pam Powers) and I have photos to share and enter – Charlie Brannon ( Arlington Rose Foundation and ARS member

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